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Map The One Cent

The One Cent Interactive Map is a new online service that lets you see some of the projects that were built in previous years with One Cent funding. 

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Get Ready for Penny Days

The public is invited to attend any of the many upcoming "Penny Day" events.  Penny Days seek to promote past One Cent projects, and they encourage citizens to take the time to fill out One Cent Surveys. Penny Days events will be held on Thursdays and Saturdays throughout May and June at various locations. 


Welcome to One Cent 15!


Each of the local governments will take the input they received from the One Cent Survey, then translate those priorities into actual One Cent Projects for their communities.  Follow links on the left to find the appropriate survey for your jurisdiction, fill it out, and track the overall progress of the campaign!


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Interactive Map

Interactive Feature: Map the One Cent


Use the One Cent Interactive Map to find projects that were built in previous months, years, and decades with previous allocations of One Cent funding.

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