One Cent Survey Results

These results include all survey results received for Casper, including surveys that were filled out online, on paper, or at a public meeting.

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To understand these results, begin byselecting the jurisdiction that you would like to see results for. Each town has its own survey, so eachhas its own results.

Once you've selected a jurisdiction, you will see a chart appear. The chart will list each funding category on the survey along with a bar indicating how much support that funding category has received so far.

In order to rank each question, we have given each option a certain number of points:

Not at all important Zero points
Somewhat Important One point
Important Two points
Very Important Three points

The number behind each question is the sum of all the points that question has received on surveys.

For example:

Suppose thatthe funding category "Street Repairs"has receivedsix votes for "very important",seven votes for "important,"eight votes for "somewhat important,"andnine votes for "Not at all important." The calculation would look like this:

  • Not at all important: Zero Points x 9 votes = 0 points
  • Somewhat Important: One Point x8 votes = 8points
  • Important: Two Points x 7 votes = 14 points
  • Very Important: Three Points x 6 votes = 18 points

So the Total points for Street Repairswould be 30 points (0 + 8 + 14 + 18 = 30).

You can also roll over the chart with your mouse to see exactly how people voted for each category.

Survey Graph

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