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Natrona County One Cent #14 Projects

Natrona County One Cent Project List
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The Natrona County One Cent Surveyestablished that for county residents, Road and Bridge projects were the top priority, followed closely by the various programs that promotepublic safety and public health. The County Commissioners met in open session on August20th to review these results and to hear proposals on how to translate those priorities into actual projects.

The resulting project list would distribute two thirds of the funding between infrastructure investment and public safety: $4.7 million (39%) would go to Road and Bridge projects, and$2.8 million (28%) wouldgoto Public Safety projects in the Sheriff's Department and Fire Protection District.

The remaining third would be spread out among the other priority areas, including library projects, economic development, and projects to support the County Clerk and the County Assessor's office.

Natrona County One Cent Survey Results

Survey Final Results

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